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Anime Studio Simulator is a visual novel with simulation elements in which the player manages an anime studio.

You'll play as Yukari, the team's director. Your role is to guide your team by deciding on the best course of action to produce your own anime series. Other factors will come into play as well, such as outsourcing work and dealing with random events.

It'll be a tough journey for your team, especially since they lack experience. Furthermore, they'll have to battle deadlines, stress, limited funds, and more. Can you guide them past all obstacles to successful create an anime?


Yukari is a teenage girl who recently graduated from high school. However, she has important plans for her vacation: making her own ANIME!

With newly-gained investment funds and the help of her friends, she hopes to turn her dream into reality. Will Yukari and her team make an unforgettable impression on the anime industry... or collapse from the pressure of creating their own anime series?


Anime Studio Simulator features choice-driven gameplay, which affects the story and ending. It will have about (4-6) different endings depending on the actions you take and how well you produce your anime.

Random events occur in the game based on the state of your team and your anime series. This will provide additional replay value beyond the multiple endings.

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I just wanna say i love anime but i also to make fun of it as well! In this game i play a sim that makes anime and welcome Weeb Trash Studios!

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Hi. I hope you don't mind some brief constructive criticism and suggested VNs you could emulate. Anime Studio Simulator has a bunch of good points, definitely, but I'll just save saying those for last.

So the writing itself needs polishing, as is the balance between the simulation aspect and the story aspect.

In what way does the writing comes off as rough? It feels as if I'm being told what's happening, with little sense of pacing. It can be difficult balancing the story aspect with the stats-building and simulation aspect, too, but I've seen it done. 


In terms of balancing the two aspects, I suggest taking a cue from Royal Alchemist by Nifty Visuals (stats raising for the MC and her students) or Rock Robin by Happy Backwards (band management, which is very close to this anime team management you have here).

In the Royal Alchemist, something happens in-between stats-building. I don't get to decide what, but I'm given options how to react to them. In Rock Robin, I could choose to have my band members practice, or I could talk to them, which has dialogue options.

I believe you can replicate those with Anime Studio Simulator by having the characters interact more with each other. 

(I was actually expecting Yukari to have the option to bond with one of her team members, especially at the beginning, maybe look over someone's shoulder while they work or have an explicit one-on-one conversation with them (or one-on-two for the artists) with dialogue choices instead of just choosing "supervise" and all I see is a black screen, followed by the next scene.)

In terms of writing dialogue, you could take a cue from Queen's Crown by Agashi. The stats there aren't explicit but if you read between the lines of the dialogue choices, you'd realize that some responses show arrogance, some show compassion, some show objectivity, and so on.

In terms of making the stats feel more natural, you could take a cue from The Pretender's Guild by Minyan. Though it's an otome game, the romantic options don't always bring the MC closer to the romanceable character. It'd be good to observe how they take into consideration the context.

These four VNs are all on Itch, so you could find them easily. If you're lacking time, I suggest prioritizing trying out either Royal Alchemist or Rock Robin to plan your outline, then close-reading the dialogue choices in Queen's Crown to flesh out the parts of the outline that need dialogue. Except for Pretender's Guild, the three are demo's.

It seems you have a community following you already, I suggest making the most of that and improving your VN. For my part, the following are what I liked about Anime Studio Simulator. Good luck!


The art gives a good impression and no doubt commercial material. The colors on the character sprites fit harmoniously in palettes. The poses give me a glimpse of their personality. (Mayumi's taller stature over the others makes me think of how it emphasizes how she's rather naive for her age, Yuuko is clearly introverted, Sumiko may be the opposite of Mayumi.) The colors of the boxes containing "anime" and the text color of "studio simulator" communicate fun, light-heartedness, and, well, anime.

The story premise is also interesting, as others here have already pointed out. 



you should make it to where you can choose who to play as

I can't wait to get a chance to play this for real. And hope it'll be even longer over time, with more options or something like that. ^^

OMG LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this game will be fun

Looks absolutely fun to play. A mix between visual novel and strategy game, almost as if HuniePop and Huniecam Studio were mixed together!

Love the art style, the writing, and the characters. Can't wait until the full product is released!

I work in the film industry & related to the scenarios in this game in a way I didn't think would be possible for a demo. The concept is great, fun to play, and has realistic representation of scenarios people go through. I can't wait to play the whole thing or possibly test more if given the chance.

I'm definetly going to check this out when I get the chance. It looks like an idea with tons of potential.

I really wish i could have one with no download because this isn't really my computer xs

This is a really cool and unique visual novel. I love anime and visual novels but when you can combine the two with a twist. I love the fact that this game combines anime visual novels and a certain game dev tycoon aspect. The graphics are well done, the writing is pretty good, and the music is original and perfect for the games cheery view. For simply being a pre-alpha I was really surprised how long it was and how much it had. I can't wait to see what is added in the final version of the game when its released. I did a video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested.

WHY IS THIS SOMEWHAT STRESSFUL? | Anime Studio Simulator [Pre-Alpha Demo]

Glad that you enjoyed the alpha demo even though it is a little rough.